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                           The band that does it all

Hot Jazz, Gypsy Swing, Hungarian Csardas, Bebop, Afro Cuban, Bossa Nova, Reggae, Hip Hop, Samba, Tango, Neo Classical, Soul, Pagode, Blues, Heavy metal, funk, Salsa & more..

The Viehmeyer Trio is Jazz Fusion at its finest. Hands down. 

Truly a world class act composed of  three of the worlds greatest musicians.

They, like no other,  are single handedly ( six hands to be exact) the most jaw dropping, grooving and musically invigorating trio in the world. 

Gustav Viehmeyer Guitar & Bouzouki

The voice and melody of the band. Composer and lead guitarist Gustav Viehmeyer 

is a raw force of nature who lives for music. Gustav has his roots in the music of the legendary Gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt, the Sinto tradition of guitar playing and a deep love for shred.  Gustav has toured extensively and performed with many of the old 'Greats of Jazz' . Gustav has the rare gift of merging soulful pleasures within the fretboard of  his instrument. The guitar like an extension of himself  serving as the voice of his soul has brought him to many parts of world, touching audiences everywhere.. His playing is at tmes is as explosive as a raging fire, performing feats of speed reachable only by a certain few and is at times is as soft and sweet a whispering lover. He is of the worlds most dynamic stringed instrumentalist who is undeniabley speaking truth and honestly with every note.

Art Weiss Drumset & Percussion

Groove Master & platinum record producer Art Weiss of the Sinto Gypsy tribe has for more than half a century been performing, recording and touring  with the biggest names in music of both 20th and 21st centuries. Hitting the stage with musicians such as

Norah Jones, Mary J Blidge, Ozzy Osbourne, Peter Frampton, Victor Wooten, Bireli Lagrene, Jaco Pastorious, The James Brown Band, The Soul Generals, Steve Bailey, Leon Hendrix and Wesley G its no wonder he is the foundation of the trio. Being born into the Gypsy Camp he was surrounded by the greatest gypsy musicians that have ever lived and been recorded. Among his family members are the Reinhardts, Lagrenes, Weiss's and Winterstein's. In other words every musical genius to touch a string instrument or accordion ever. Art though wanted to play the drumset which is not something very common in Gypsy Music and while he was surrounded by the best of the culture he pursued his own musicial path to become the worlds most diverse drummer. A full time touring musician from the age of 10 Art traveled to every corner of the globe deeply immersing himself in the worlds different rhythms. He calls his musical style and blending of world percussion "Root Beat'. In the 90s after decades of Jazz fusion Art would go on to be an integral part of the Hip Hop music scene recording  many of the original beats that we hear today in Hip Hop music and its subgenres. Art has a masters in music education and lives happily in Florida with his loving wife and life partner. He is the Driving force of the Viehmeyer Trio

Jack Berry Contrebasse Violin & Electric Bass guitar

Captian funkalicious & THE most styling cat in jazz.

Jack Berry ties it all together with his low end groove and keen listening abilities.

Jacks ears are so finely attuned from years of listening to thousands of rarest vinyls(which he deals), playing the cello in the Floridas premier orchestra and also from touring and performing with countless bands.  Jack has toured with Blues legend Bryan Lee and has performed at the worlds greatest jazz festival "The Montreal Jazz Festival".

Whether its contrebasse violin, the 8 string fretless electric bass or the bass guitar Jack is by far the most in demand bassist in the western hemisphere.