The Full Story 

(so far)


The Early Years


Gustav Viehmeyer started gigging while in the womb of his mother who performed in a hard rock band that toured around FL until his birth at which point he would be surrounded by nothing short of a musical family.

At age 5 Gustav took interest in music after noticing the blending of multiple instruments together in soundtracks while watching movies and cartoons.

Soon after Gustav began on the drumset, recorder and guitar.

Gustavs father was a gifted singer and multi-instrumentalist. He would sing old jazz songs, doo-wop classic and introduce Gustav to the music from the different eras of the twentieth century during car rides. Gustav mother was a performing rock singer who loves Led Zeppelin and Stevie Nicks. Gustav uncle and grandfather both play guitar and write music inspired by the greats of country music like Johnny cash and Willie Nelson.  In his early years Gustav was exposed to a multitude of different music including metal, punk, early deep house, techno and electronic music through his brother the famed bodybuilder Mikhail Viehmeyer whos mixed tapes he would often steal. 

At age 8 Gustav was in his first garage band with neighbor TJ who played electric guitar while he played drums. The two would perform for the people of their neighborhood and would go on to play together for next 7 years.

At age 14 Gustav became very interested in playing guitar more so than drums and began to pursue music in that direction after being exposed to many shredding guitarist such as Funtwo, Jerry c and Synyster gates.

The fun part.

At age 15 Gustav discovered Django Reinhardt and the music of the Sinto Gypsies ( Jazz manouche or Gypsy Jazz). Amazed by players such as Stochelo Rosenberg, Bireli Lagrene and Angelo Debarre, music took on a whole new meaning as did the guitar. Through this music Gustav discovered Jazz, Bebop and Eastern European folk music that would collectively be the inspiration for his style and how it would develop. 

Gustav spent the next two years learning the Gypsy Jazz repertoire studying an extensive 6-8 hours a day.

At age 17 Gustav attended a concert where he was invited on stage to play the American classic "Sweet Georgia Brown" with guitar legends Bucky Pizzarelli, Frank Vignola and Gonzalo Bergara after talking with Frank Vignola backstage.

This was accredited as the moment he decided to pursue the life of the musician as being on stage with them he quotes" Felt like I was for the first time doing what  I was meant to be doing in my life, Ive never felt anything more natural". Shortly there after Gustav met guitarist & composer Stephane Wrembel who inspired his early compositions and legend Drew Berlin whom would go on to be a mentor and one of his greatest allies in pushing him towards success.

At age 18 Gustav visited family in Florida and noted the massive and very diverse music scene in the area. Like Jaco Pastorius had said, Florida is the greatest melting pot of musicisns in the world. 

On every corner there was music from a different part of the world. Cuban music, Reggae, Gypsy Jazz, Delta Blues, Southern Rock, Calypso, Orchestras & Bluegrass. Literally everything. 

He immediately knew that this was the next move. He packed his bags and left home in Ivyland, PA and headed for Sarasota, FL.

Gustav formed his first band with guitarist Samuel Shepard who was somewhat of seasoned rockstar turned Django fanatic then later played with guitarist Cory Prior.

Gustav would play for a while in this setting and made some good traction on the music scene in FL being recognized for his shredding style through Gypsy Jazz.

Soon after Gustav performed with Renesito Avich the latin grammy winnning Cuban Tres player. The two were a match made in heaven with their Gypsy and Cuban jazz inspired shredding styles. They often "battled' with the acoustic instruments blending brilliantly while wowing the crowds throughout  their city.

Gustav then joined the hard hitting band the  Hot Club of SRQ, a group formed by award winning violinist and composer Keven Aland of the Boulder orchestra.

He he accredits as his most challenging gig yet as Keven played on a far superior level performing not Gypsy Jazz but a multitude of south American styles and was a master at bebop improvisation. This pushed to grow musically beyond anything he had done before. They perform together to this day and Gustav calls Keven Aland his brother and greatest musical mentor. 

During this time Gustav began to work with Michael Duxstad at Moon Island Records and 250 gold record and Grammy award winning engineer Gary Vandy (Madonna,  Earth wind & Fire, Michael Jackson)

Learning the ins and outs of recording alongside these two  life long friends shaped him into a pro studio musician. They recorded the tracks " Tzigane, Pensive, Taunting & Peace" on his Debut record together.

Gustav quotes" Every time Im in a studio I accredit anything good that happens to the time I spent learning with them. They shaped me."

After this Gustav went on to become a touring musician and played with a multitude of players such as the fusion group Marbin and Jazz guitar legend Jimmy Bruno. He toured with the World famous equestrian cirque 

 'Cirque Maceo' with friend and musicial partner Tatiana Dacosta performing a dynamic array of Flamenco and Eastern European inspired music in different cities each week. 

In 2020 Gustav Released his debut record "The Story of the Sun"

a collection of compostions and solo guitar improvisations.

Gustav had booked a tour in Europe then Covid hit. Amidst the madness Gustav found himself busking and went on to do so  for an entire year as the world had shut down. After having performing for thousands of people each weekend he returned to playing on the streets for tips only to find that this would be where he would find his heart. Every person who stopped to dance, swoon, kiss their lover, hold their child or drop a dollar especially in those times meant more to him than all the shows combined up until that point. This was the most heart opening experience for the young musician. Playing up to ten hours a day for 365 days this period made Gustav a better player than he had ever been. During this time period he met Vocalist Jamie Tremps whom he would later form a band with. He says this was a game changer as he heard the most beautiful voice he had ever heard and knew great things were to happen saying" It was like the hearing the singer I always wanted to hear".  

In 2021 Gustav attended a pro jam hosted by  New Orleans native and Allman brothers touring drummer James Varnado. He would be called back from the world of busking into the world of shows once again. He played alongside motown legend Brenda Watty and funk masters Johnny Barker, Barry Williams and of course James Varnado himself. At James's Jam Gustav met a musical genius and future band mate. Drummer Art Weiss of the Sinto tribe. Someone who not only knew the  Gypsy Jazz repertoire but who had toured with his Gustavs musical heroes such as Bireli Lagrene, Jaco Patorious and Norah Jones.

Art and Gustav would go on to form The Viehmeyer Trio alongside Contrebasse Violinist Jack Berry. The three together would take Florida by Storm performing the best of Metal, Jazz, Fusion, Soul, Gypsy Swing and Latin music like never before.

In 2022 Gustav and Jamie Tremps began to perform together blending their musicality alongside bassist Jack Berry forming the Jamie Tremps Trio. The three would quickly become the hottest thing in the Florida music scene drawing massive crowds and piercing peoples hearts with the trios perfect blend of Heart, passion and musicality 

Gustav is currently performing with the Jamie Tremps trio and the Viehmeyer Trio. He spends his off time in Floridas nature preserves soaking in the magic that is life. The end.