Musician, Composer & Guitarist


Recognized by industry leaders across the globe,  Gustav Viehmeyer is an international composer, guitarist and singer who brings a fire and fluidity to his musical creations.  Gustav has the rare gift in merging soulful pleasures for audiences across the world

Rooted  in the music of the legendary Gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt, Gustav developed a fresh new style that is enigmatic. He captures the free spirited wild, with a balance of the beautiful and bold. A compositional style that displays the brilliance and lively dexterity of Gypsy musicians throughout the ages, 'The Greats of Jazz' and, the storytelling of film.

"Gustav is one of the most talented musicians I have the pleasure to know. His virtuosity on his instrument Is unrivaled and his compositional talent is undeniable. He is a true musical gift to us all."

Gary Vandy

Producer and engineer of over 250 Gold Records

"Gustav is a great guitar player with unique sound and original style. More impressive is his concern for the art of music and his constant progress."

Michael Paouris 

Award Winning Composer, Producer & Arranger

" Gustav is an  energetic Gyspy Jazz musician of  passion and commitment. We recorded  in Los Angeles together and I immediately recognized his strong talent. He was a natural." 

Drew Berlin

Bamboo Records West and Drew Berlins Vintage Guitars

    US Tel: 1-941-726-5320 

  Intagram @Gustavtheguitarist